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Rafaela Pröll is a photographer and creative director based in Vienna, Austria.


Her work has been published in Elle, Vogue Germany, New York Times Magazine, Rondo, C/O Vienna, and Faces, as well as in many other publications of international renown.


Over the course of her career, she has built an extensive professional network of models, artists, authors and actors, including Missy Rayder, Sam Rollinson, Magdalena Frackowiak, Barbara Palvin and Caroline Winberg.


On set, she seeks to empower the subjects of her photographs so as to create a working environment in which a creative exchange can flourish. Looking to subvert the intimidating presence of the camera, she forges an atmosphere of confidence and self-determination, allowing her to capture often unexpected moments of great intimacy.


In her photospreads, the initial idea, the fashion and the presence of the model come together to form a holistic conceptual framework. As the medium itself plays a crucial part in this, she works with various digital and analogue cameras, including Polaroids and at times even iPhones or instant cameras. She occasionally also shoots short videos and gifs, which she considers moving images.


Her work has brought her to New York, Paris, Beirut and many other locations.


Previous solo exhibitions of her photographs were shown in Vienna and Vorarlberg. She also recently participated in a particularly well-received group show at the MAK Museum in the Austrian capital.

(Benedict W. Winkler)

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